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1.     On behalf of the Federal Capital Territory Administration, I bring warm felicitations to all residents of the FCT, especially the Muslim Ummah as we join the rest of the Muslim world in the celebration of Eid-El- Fitr signaling the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

2.       Over the last 30 days, our Muslim brothers and sisters had, in keeping with the Islamic injunctions, engaged not only in fasting and prayers, but also in various acts of charity and caring for one another.

3.     I hereby congratulate all on the successful completion of this religious obligation and pray that the supplications made to Almighty Allah would be answered.

4.     It was heartwarming to note that residents seized the opportunity provided by the Holy Month to show compassion and care for each other, especially the less privileged, irrespective of religious or ethnic differences.

5.     I urge us not to limit these acts of charity, love and tolerance to only the holy month but should inculcate this culture into our everyday lives.

6.      The end of Ramadan should also not signal an end to our prayers. I therefore, enjoin us all to continue to offer supplications to the Almighty for our dear country Nigeria and her leaders for divine wisdom and guidance, especially as they fight our security challenges and  political activities take center stage.

7.     Let us, once more be reminded that as residents of the Federal Capital Territory, which was founded on the ideals  of unity and peace, we are obliged to live up to the dreams of our founding fathers.

8.      We should therefore resist the machinations of those who seek to destroy these ideals and in our actions and utterances, seek always to sow the seeds of unity, peace and tolerance in our communities.

9.     Abuja, our beautiful national capital city is the pride of every Nigerian. As residents, we should please commit ourselves to ensuring that she does not lose her allure due to our actions.

10. As the raining season commences, please let us maintain our drainages and make sure they are clean and free of debris and avoid construction on flood plains and river courses to avoid unfortunate incidences of flooding.

11. On our part, I wish to assure you that the FCT Administration remains committed to the implementation of projects that will have the greatest impact on the majority of residents especially in the provision of social service infrastructure, just as we will continue to work hard to ensure the security of lives and property across the Territory.

12. I also wish to assure you all that security agencies have put measures in place to ensure the peaceful celebration of Sallah and also call on residents to be security conscious and follow all guidelines issued by the relevant security authorities regarding the Eid El-Fitr celebrations.

13. It is important to remind all that COVID -19 has not been eradicated. Enjoy the Eid-El-Fitr festivities in conformity with all extant COVID-19 protocols





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