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The Permanent Secretary of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), Olusade Adesola, has established a committee for the 2023 Hajj with the aim of facilitating smooth operations and ensuring a seamless pilgrimage for FCT residents intending to visit the Holy Land.

Adesola inaugurated the 5-member committee in his office in Graki, Abuja on Friday. He urged the committee to provide support to the FCT Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board in order to ensure a successful Hajj exercise.

According to a statement from the FCT’s Director of Information and Communication, Muhammad Hazat Sule, the committee is headed by Muhammad Bashir, the Director of the Human Resource Management Department in the FCTA. The committee’s main responsibility is to support the activities of the FCT Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board and enhance the board’s operations to deliver effective services to the pilgrims.

During the inauguration, Adesola charged the committee members to identify any potential challenges that may hinder the smooth running of the 2023 Hajj and develop viable solutions for a remarkable pilgrimage. He emphasized that the committee members should view their appointments as a national duty and a service to humanity and God, and he urged them to draw upon their experiences in fulfilling this important assignment.

The Permanent Secretary explained that the committee was established by the administration to coordinate Hajj activities effectively and strengthen the capacity of the board to carry out its responsibilities. Adesola emphasized the importance of transparency and openness in the board’s operations to fulfill its purpose.

The committee members were carefully chosen to assist the pilgrims in fulfilling their religious obligations. Adesola reminded the committee members of their responsibilities to both man and God, as Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam that every Muslim should fulfill.

The 5-member committee includes Muhammad Bashir as Chairman, Leramoh Abdulrazaq, Muhammad Hazat Sule, and Hajarat Titilayo Alayande as members, and Ghali Kassim as the Secretary.

In response, the committee chairman, Muhammad Bashir, expressed gratitude to the Permanent Secretary for the trust placed in them. He assured Adesola that the committee would work diligently to strengthen the board’s activities and ensure the success of the 2023 Hajj exercise.


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