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Abuja is approximately 8,000 sq km in land size and it glitters with some of the most adorable and beautiful scenery in the world.

The city is very eco-friendly. in fact is the deliberate policy of the Federal Government of Nigeria to keep Abuja green hence high premium is placed in the Abuja Master plan on vegetation. Check out the city’s lush greenery literally splaned on may parks and gardens, ornamental trees, adjoining its streets and romantic green of its open spaces. The scenic splendor of Abuja characterized by an avalanche of low hills, mountains transverse shallow valleys and rich topography is a tourists haven awaiting exploration. With the presence of an international airport and world class hotels, Abuja is the preferred conference veneue of west africa and the melting pot of Nigeria’s political and social development, attracting many visitor sto the city. All of Abuja is terrific, fun and so many scenic sites. The city gives you a full smooch of relaxation It has several scintillating places which ofer fun for kisd too.

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