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This event has ended

How to participate:

1. Go to and create an account.

2.            follow @myfctagov on Twitter

3.            Make a spoken words video of yourself of not more than 60 sec( 1min)

  •               Upload the video on Twitter, with your username,
  •               Tag (myfctagov)   
  •       Use the following hashtag #fctpoetrycontest #fctresidentengagement #abuja47

4.            Language: English or/and Piegoen English

5.            The piece must be related to the theme “MY ABUJA”

6.            Delivery: From Memory, not to be read from any medium

7.            Dresscode: Non offensive/ No Body reveiling  Dressing.

Note the following:

Content and originality – 40%

Delivery and Performance- 10%

Convincing Aura- 10%

adhesion to the rules- 20%

Online comments and likes- 20%


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