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The recently appointed Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has expressed his determination to restore order in Abuja and eliminate any unauthorized structures to pave the way for the Territory’s world-class development.

During his inaugural press conference on Monday at the FCTA Secretariat, Wike urged Nigerians not to lose hope, as President Bola Tinubu was committed to improving the nation.

Wike outlined that his mandate, along with FCT Minister of State, Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, was to rejuvenate the FCT’s former glory and fulfill the aspirations of its founding figures.

The Minister called upon everyone, particularly the media, to support the effort to rebuild the nation’s capital. He emphasized that his administration would formulate both immediate and long-term solutions to address the challenges affecting the FCT.

Among the immediate priorities, Wike promised to address was enhancing security. He pledged to collaborate with security agencies to establish Abuja as the most secure location in Nigeria. He emphasized that while security agencies should identify and address criminal activities, the government’s role was to provide the necessary resources to ensure their effectiveness.

Wike acknowledged the prevailing hunger in the country but stressed that steps would be taken to prevent public spaces from being overrun by informal markets. He criticized individuals selling goods under umbrellas and contributing to insecurity, stating that security forces should strategize to relocate them.

Regarding the proliferation of motor parks and bus stops throughout the city, Wike declared that the time for such practices was over. He observed that Abuja had evolved into a city with widespread waste disposal problems.

Addressing issues related to unauthorized constructions and land speculation, Wike declared that buildings developed in unauthorized areas would be demolished. He emphasized that land allocated for development should not be misused for speculation. Wike also warned against neglecting ground rent payments and vowed to take action to ensure compliance.

The Minister indicated his administration’s focus on tackling abandoned buildings. He threatened to revoke ownership of such structures and allocate them to capable developers.

Wike shared plans to consult with herders to relocate their cattle grazing activities from the city to rural areas, away from landscaped areas.

Additionally, Wike aimed to regulate the use of motorcycles and tricycles, banning their operation in restricted areas and replacing them with alternative city transportation options.

Wike stressed the importance of completing projects rather than starting numerous ones that remain unfinished. He pledged to be an active Minister, personally inspecting project sites instead of relying solely on office briefings.

Noting the inadequacy of nighttime street lighting, the Minister requested an investigation into the matter and whether contractors were fulfilling their responsibilities.

Lastly, Wike promised to address revenue leaks and replicate his achievements in Rivers State within the FCT. He called on everyone to contribute to making President Tinubu’s vision for Abuja a reality within the next six months.


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