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The Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, has assured that he will approach the matter of the 8-year tenure retirement circular with empathy and consideration, aiming to enhance the quality of medical services across all hospitals under the Federal Capital Territory Administration.

This commitment was articulated during a meeting held over the weekend in the Minister’s office with representatives of various Medical Unions. Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, representing Minister Wike, acknowledged that the recent circular affecting employees’ retirement after 8 years had raised concerns, not only in the medical sector but also in other domains.

Dr. Mariya Mahmoud clarified that there were pre-existing guidelines exempting medical doctors from this circular, and further discussions and documentation were needed to solidify this exemption. The Minister expressed his intent to engage with department heads, stakeholders, and representatives from various sectors to deliberate on the matter and assured the attendees of a positive outcome.

During the meeting, Dr. Ugwuanyi Charles, Chairman of the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) Federal Capital Territory (FCT) chapter, urged the Minister to address the issue, emphasizing that the removal of certain hospital consultants could strain the available resources and result in burnout within the medical facilities.

Dr. Musa Emmanuel, Chairman of the Medical and Dental Council Association of Nigeria (MD-CAN) FCTA chapter, asserted that the rules had not been consistently followed, and the retirement directive could significantly impact the healthcare sector, potentially affecting the accessibility and affordability of medical services in the FCT.

Dr. Rahmon Olayinka Sodiq, President of the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) FCTA, highlighted the significance of FCT’s healthcare services, which attract patients from neighboring regions. He expressed hope that the retirement letter would be reconsidered to maintain the presence of essential consultants in the FCT’s medical care centers.”


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