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1.     President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has said that infrastructure development and Urban Renewal is the cornerstone of the vision of his administration for a more prosperous and connected Nigeria

2.      The President who stated this on Thursday, June 6, 2024 when he commissioned the seventh FCT project as part of activities marking his one year in office, said the commissioning of Roads B6, B12, and Circle Road in the Central Area of the FCT was a significant milestone in his administration’s commitment towards achieving the vision.

3.     The   President, who was represented by the Senate President, Senator Godswill Akpabio, said the roads being commissioned were paving the way for enhanced economic activities, improved accessibility, and a higher quality of life for residents

4.       He said: “When we assumed office one year ago, we set forth an ambitious agenda to transform our nation’s infrastructure landscape. We recognized that efficient transportation networks are vital for economic growth, social integration, and overall national development.

L-R Executive Secretary. FCDA. Engr Shehu Hadi Ahmed. FCT Minister Barrister Nyesom Wike and FCT Minister  of State. Dr Mariya Mahmoud at the commissioning of the B6, B12 and Circle Road in Abuja on Thursday.

5.        “Today, as we unveil these strategic roads, we are not just opening pathways of asphalt and concrete but also paving the way for enhanced economic activities, improved accessibility, and a higher quality of life for our citizens”.

6.     The President said the completion of the Roads was a testament to what can be achieved through dedicated planning, unwavering commitment, and collaborative efforts, adding that the roads were designed to alleviate traffic congestion, reduce travel time, and provide a more seamless connection between key areas within the nation’s capital.

7.     “They represent a crucial step forward in our broader objective to create a robust and efficient transportation network across the Federal Capital Territory and beyond”, he added.

8.     He commended the FCT Minister and his team for the hard work they have put in achieving what they did in record time, adding that in line with his Renewed Hope Agenda, the Administration will continue to build essential infrastructure for the people.

9.     The President said, “I would like to commend the Federal Capital Territory Minister, Barr Nyesom Wike, his team at the FCTA and all the stakeholders involved in these projects that we have commissioned for the past seven days. Your hard work, dedication and adherence to high standard quality have made these achievements possible.

10.“As we celebrate this achievement, let us also recognize that our work is far from complete. As a testament to our Renewed Hope Agenda, we remain committed to continuing this journey of building more roads, bridges, and essential infrastructure that will connect our people, drive our economy”.

11.Speaking in his capacity as the Senate President, Senator Akpabio congratulated both the FCT Minister and Minister of State for the good work they are doing in the FCT, stressing that the FCT Minister has not disappointed the nation.

12.He added that the great changes in the streets of Abuja were clear indications that Wike is working, which also means that President Tinubu is working.

FCT Minister, Barr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike delivering his address at the commissioning of the B6, B12 and CIRCLE Roads in Abuja on Thursday.

13.In his address, the FCT Minister who thanked the President for honouring his invitation to commission projects completed by the FCT Administration within one year, also tasked him to honour the last two in the first series of projects commissioning, scheduled to take place on 7th and 8th of June at the official residence of the Vice President and Guzape district lot II, respectively.

14.Barr. Wike explained that the contract for the road being commissioned was awarded in 2007 at the sum of N48.5Billion and revised in 2021 to N98.8Billion but was never completed until now, a feat which he attributed to the leadership direction of President Tinubu.

15.“Mr. President, it may interest you to know that the contract for this road was awarded in 2007. When you talk about renewed hope, a road that was awarded in 2007, just one year of the administration of Mr. President, the road has been completed.

16.“For those who know mathematics, 2007, that’s how many years?… 17 good years. Today Mr. President has been able to complete it in just one year. This is called leadership. Leadership is key. With the right leadership, you will get the right result. Because we have the right leadership, we are getting the right results”.

17.He said, following the President’s matching orders in August 2024 when he and the Minister of state, Dr. Mariya Mahmoud were sworn-in as Ministers, that all abandoned projects must be completed before embarking on new projects, the FCT Administration has done just that, resulting in the setting aside of 58 per cent of the FCT 2024 budget for the completion of old projects.

18.The Minister used the opportunity to debunk some media report making the rounds that he had made Permanent Secretaries in the FCTA to bow before the President at an event, saying that asking the first set of Permanent Secretaries of the FCTA upon the implementation of the FCT Civil Service Commission act was a mark of honour and appreciation for those who have had their hopes revived.

19.He said, “Two days ago when the President came and we try to thank him for what he did in making sure that those who had already lost hope in their career progression and Mr. President brought back hope to them by making sure they get to the peak of their career.

20.“Before now FCTA do not have Permanent Secretaries. But with Mr. President way of Renewed Hope, he said they must get to the peak of their career by getting to the position of Permanent Secretary and Head of the Civil Service if possible and Mr. President granted that, and then I called out the Permanent Secretaries who are the beneficiaries to come out and take a bow and thank Mr. President.

21.“It is an honour to be called out to take a bow but some human beings can never see anything good, criticizing, saying how will you call people who are Permanent Secretaries and ask them to take a bow.

22.“In my place, when someone does not have anything good to say about you, they will say ‘look at him’. Instead of you to commend Mr. President for doing well, for giving hope to those that didn’t have hope before”.

23.To press home his point, the Minister thereafter called out the six Area Council Chairmen, who he described as change agents of the Renewed Hope Agenda of Mr. President, to also take a bow before the President.

24.In her remarks the Minister of State, FCT, Dr. Mariya Mahmoud commended the President and the leadership of the National Assembly for their support for the FCTA, adding that the leadership and support of Mr. President had played a crucial role in the successes being celebrated.

25.She thanked residents and business for their patient and cooperation while work on the project lasted.

26.In his overview of the project, Executive Secretary, FCDA, Engr. Shehu Hadi Ahmed the B6, B12 and Circle roads being commissioned has 41 bridges, including rail crossings and significantly reduce inbound traffic gridlock at the city gate.







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