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Usuma Dam safe channel for potable water supply to FCT residents- Board insists!

Despite the recent concern that Abuja water source faces contamination threat, the Usuman Dam remains safe for potable water supply to residents of the Territory, according to the management of FCT Water Board.

The Board in a statement at the weekend, reiterated that it’s not relenting on maintenance of Dams specifically the Usuma Dam, which serves as residents of the FCT and its environs.

According to the statement from its Public Relations Officer (PRO), Mogbo Stella, the concerns of the general public are our priority and will always be attended to with utmost care It reads: “The FCT Water Board allays every form of fear/rumours emanating from any quarter regarding threat of contamination from its water source as proactive measures are always taken from time to time to forestall any eventuality.

“The FCT Water Board was commissioned to ensure sufficient supply and equitable distribution of potable water to citizens of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, and this duty has always been carried out efficiently and effectively. 

“FCT Water Board is a public organization tasked with a profound and crucial responsibility which considers her duties to be of utmost importance to members of the general public especially in the area of provision of portable water”.

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