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A group of young individuals within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have taken proactive measures against the impacts of climate change by planting over 200 trees.

Operating under the banner of the #Oneyouthonetree initiative, these youths demonstrated their commitment by congregating in substantial numbers at the Wuye District in Abuja. They earnestly appealed to local residents to join in tree planting, recognizing its significance in safeguarding the environment.

In the capacity of spokesperson for these motivated youths, Baba Yahaya, who serves as the Executive Director of the #Oneyouthonetree campaign, delivered this plea while officially launching the activity on the occasion of the 2023 United Nations International Youth Tree Planting Day in Abuja on Tuesday.

Yahaya explained that the selection of Wuye District was deliberate, driven by its status as a newly developed area lacking substantial tree cover. He revealed that this tree-planting venture, aimed at mobilizing young people to address environmental sustainability, is slated for expansion into other regions across the country.

Yahaya expressed gratitude to organizations such as Helpline Foundation for The Needy, Abuja, and Team Ramatu Tijani Aliyu, along with other supportive groups, for contributing to this tree planting campaign. He underlined the essence of galvanizing and motivating youths to actively partake in tree planting initiatives, particularly in regions grappling with ecological challenges, to enhance the quality of the environment.

His statement resonated, “The campaign has commenced with the planting of 200 trees here in Abuja, and our intention is to extend this endeavor to encompass every state within the Federation.”

Adding her perspective, Rekiyat Fache, formerly the Special Assistant on Environment and Climate Change to the past Minister of State for the FCT, highlighted the global impact of Climate Change and the necessity of addressing it resolutely. Fache emphasized the significance of tree planting as an effective countermeasure against heat waves. She asserted, “The influence of heatwaves spans across the globe. The FCT is no exception, and as young people, we are committed to an ongoing tree planting effort.”

Fache underscored, “Our initial action entails the planting of 200 trees in Abuja, and our ambition is to replicate this effort in various regions of the country.”


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