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The Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has successfully vaccinated more than 1.2 million livestock against Anthrax disease, surpassing its initial target of one million within the one-month vaccination campaign.

Mallam Ishaq Abubakar Sadeeq, the Acting Secretary of the Agriculture & Rural Development Secretariat, led a team from the Agric Secretariat to various areas in the FCT to assess the ongoing vaccination initiative’s progress and outcomes.

Sadeeq highlighted that the Secretariat had been diligently working to cover substantial ground due to the severe threat posed by the disease. He conveyed, “We have been rigorously pursuing the goal of vaccinating at least one million livestock as directed by the Permanent Secretary during the launch in Gwagwalada. However, we have exceeded this target, with over 1.2 million cattle, sheep, donkeys, and goats successfully vaccinated.”

He expressed gratitude towards the Veterinary Doctors and healthcare staff who played a crucial role in surpassing the set target, acknowledging their efforts in ensuring the vaccination of at least one million cattle, sheep, and goats within the designated one-month timeframe.

Sadeeq, during an interview, revealed that the ongoing Anthrax vaccination campaign in the FCT has achieved remarkable success. He emphasized that the swift response combat the disease through this initiative underscores the Administration’s proactive stance and dedication to implementing programs that safeguard public health, mitigate the risk of contagious and potentially fatal animal diseases, and ensure the well-being of residents.

Regarding the impact of the campaign, Sadeeq pointed out that despite the proximity of Suleja, where the first case of Anthrax was recorded, no cases have been reported in the FCT. He attributed this positive outcome to the Administration’s proactive measures.

Sadeeq stressed the significance of livestock owners staying vigilant and promptly reporting symptoms like flu and abnormal bleeding from the nose, ears, mouth, or anus of their animals to the FCT Veterinary Health Centers situated in all the Area Councils.

He explained the robust animal disease reporting system in the FCT, which enables swift responses to emergencies. Some diagnoses are conducted at the FCT Veterinary Clinic in Nyanya, while others are referred to the National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) in Vom, Plateau State.

Dr. Regina Ada Adulugba, the Director of Veterinary Services, expressed gratitude to the Permanent Secretary FCT, Mr. Olusade Adesola, for his support during the vaccination campaign. She praised the impressive response from livestock owners, sharing that over 90% of the cattle population in the FCT had been successfully vaccinated.

The accomplishments of the FCTA’s vaccination campaign underline the Administration’s commitment to proactive measures that ensure both animal health and public safety.


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