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The distribution of advanced communication devices to security agencies in the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) was carried out on Tuesday to bolster their crime-fighting efforts in the region.

Previously, in October 2022, the FCTA had provided 60 operational vehicles to the FCT Police Command, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, Department of State Security Services, and others. Furthermore, in March 2023, the FCTA distributed additional patrol vehicles, protective gear, and riot control equipment to further support their endeavors.

During the handover ceremony in his office, the Permanent Secretary of the FCTA, Olusade Adesola, declared that this gesture marked the culmination of the recent donations made to the security agencies. He acknowledged that the nature of security threats and challenges has become increasingly intricate, necessitating state-of-the-art equipment to effectively combat crimes.

Adesola urged the recipient agencies to maximize the use of the provided gadgets in enhancing their operations through efficient communication. The additional communication devices distributed included 500 handheld radios, 35 base radios, 10 repeater stations, and 3IP connect.

Adesola emphasized that the procurement of high-quality Motorola communication radios and other gadgets was crucial in equipping the security agencies with the necessary tools. He stressed that the provision of these communication devices demonstrated the Administration’s commitment to securing the lives of citizens by supporting the coordination of security activities seamlessly.

He stated, “The gadgets we are presenting today are a testament to our unwavering dedication to the security and well-being of our residents. These devices will enable our security agencies to respond swiftly and effectively to emerging threats, coordinate their efforts seamlessly, gather and analyze crucial intelligence in real-time. By equipping our security personnel with these gadgets, we are investing in their capacity to safeguard our society and deter criminal elements from undermining our peace and security.”

Expressing gratitude, the FCT Commissioner of Police, Haruna Garba, commended the FCT Administration for providing the security agencies with the latest gadgets. He expressed optimism that the equipment would serve as a support system and enhance effective communication among security personnel. The Commissioner assured that they would make maximum use of the equipment for the greater good of the residents of the Territory.


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