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Christopher Maikalangu, the Chairman of the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), expressed his concern that developers have taken over farmlands in the Council. He made this statement during a ceremony at the Apo Town Hall, where he launched the distribution of fertilizers and other agricultural inputs to support farmers in the Council and enhance yields for this year’s farming season.

Maikalangu lamented, “As a result of the urban renewal policy program in the FCT, a significant portion of our farmlands has been acquired by developers. Our farmers are now unable to access land for their subsistence farming and other agricultural activities.” He emphasized that this situation has severely impacted the agricultural sector in the Council, which serves as a crucial economic empowerment opportunity for the local population.

In light of this, the Chairman humbly appealed to the FCTA (Federal Capital Territory Administration) to expedite action on the integrated demonstration farm in the Council. He believed that such a move would help boost agricultural production in AMAC.

Maikalangu highlighted that the distribution of agricultural supplies showcased his Administration’s commitment to promoting social and economic growth among the beneficiaries and within the Council. He pledged, “Our Administration recognizes the paramount importance of agriculture, the world’s oldest profession. We will prioritize it, along with our efforts to provide social amenities and rural infrastructure to our rural communities.”

For the current farming season, the Chairman disclosed that they would be providing 600 bags of fertilizers, agrochemicals, 20 wheelbarrows, knapsack sprayers, smoking kilns, hoes, cutlasses, rain boots, and hand gloves to farmers in Abuja Municipal Area Council, free of charge.

Furthermore, Maikalangu presented two Bajaj motorcycles to agriculture extension workers to facilitate their monitoring of the distribution process to farmers in the villages.

However, he cautioned that the fertilizers and other agricultural implements provided must not be diverted, as they are intended to improve crop yields and increase the income of the local population.

In response, Saleh Zakari Biu, the Supervisory Councillor for Agriculture, assured that the inputs would be closely monitored by traditional rulers and security agencies to prevent any diversion or unauthorized sale by farmers.


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