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Chairman Christopher Zakka Maikalangu of the Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) has initiated the rehabilitation of Gosa township road. During the groundbreaking ceremony, Maikalangu stressed the commitment of his administration to addressing the community’s needs and fulfilling the aspirations of the people.

He emphasized that AMAC residents would experience the fruits of democracy and witness the positive effects of effective governance within their respective neighborhoods.

Maikalangu expressed his satisfaction in inaugurating the commencement of the Gosa township road construction along the Airport road, highlighting the responsibility of the government to fulfill the demands and aspirations of the electorate in the benefiting community.

He reiterated the administration’s dedication to rural renewal projects, ensuring that residents can relish the benefits of democratic dividends and experience the positive impacts of good governance and prosperity.

The Chairman reaffirmed that this project aligns with the commitments made during the election campaign, focusing on development across the 12 electoral wards for the people’s welfare.

He recalled his pledge to run an open and inclusive government, emphasizing citizen participation in deciding the type and nature of desired projects, especially those prioritized by the disadvantaged rural communities.

Maikalangu underscored the significance of providing essential infrastructure like roads, noting their role in simplifying life, boosting commerce, enabling economic activities, and improving living conditions for residents.

Highlighting the administration’s focus, he mentioned their concentrated efforts on road construction and rehabilitation within the first year, while also striving to address rural electrification, water supply, and educational development, among other initiatives.


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