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                        MONDAY, JANUARY 1ST, 2024

1.    On behalf of the FCT Administration, I extend my warm and heartfelt greetings to all the residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as we usher in the New Year, 2024.

2.    We thank the Almighty for the gift of life to witness the dawn of a new year and pray that He guides us through it successfully, meeting all our aspirations and goals.

3.    Let me begin by saying that the successes recorded in 2023 under the visionary leadership of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and the promises inherent in the Renewed Hope Agenda will serve as a blue print as we implement our development agenda for the FCT.

4.    The promises embedded within the Renewed Hope Agenda resonate deeply with our aspirations for the FCT as they encapsulate our dedication to enhancing infrastructure, inclusive  growth, and fostering a sustainable environment conducive to economic empowerment and social well-being.

5.    Over the past few months, we have made significant strides in various sectors, propelled by a commitment to excellence and innovation. Our efforts have been directed towards enhancing infrastructure, ensuring effective urban planning, bolstering healthcare facilities, improving education, and creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.

6.    In the year ahead, we will commit to implementing robust policies and initiatives that will bolster the development of the FCT and ensure that it continues to thrive as a model of excellence in all ramifications.

7.     In line with the Renewed Hope Agenda, our development plans for the Federal Capital Territory for 2024 encompasses several key areas including the following:

i.                    Infrastructure Development: We aim to continue on our current course of accelerated infrastructural development including road construction, public transportation with re-opening of the Abuja Metro System and the expansion of essential amenities such as water supply and electricity to meet the demands of the ever increasing FCT population.

ii.                 Economic Empowerment: we remain committed to fostering economic growth involving the creation of an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, promoting entrepreneurship, and initiating programs that provide employment opportunities for our youth. We intend especially to focus attention on the tourism sector which hitherto had remained largely untapped and which has the potentials of being a major revenue earner for the FCT.

iii.               Social Welfare: We are dedicated to advancing social welfare programs that prioritize healthcare, education, and housing, ensuring that every resident has access to essential services and quality living conditions. We will intensify efforts to enhance educational institutions, equip our youth with the necessary skills, and create opportunities for their holistic development.

iv.               Sustainable Development: we are also determined to promote sustainability practices that preserve the environment, such as green initiatives, waste management, and renewable energy projects. We are also dedicated to implementing robust urban planning and renewal strategies and initiatives which includes the removal of shanties and slums and a renewed commitment to adherence to the dictates of the Abuja Masterplan.

v.                  Community Engagement and Inclusivity: We also recognize the importance of engaging with our diverse communities and fostering inclusivity. Hence, we will continue to prioritize dialogue, participation, and collaboration with residents to address their needs effectively.

vi.                     Security: I wish to reaffirm the Administration’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the security and well-being of all residents. Security remains a top priority, and we will continue to support the efforts of the security agencies in keeping the FCT safe. While we will remain vigilant and responsive by adapting to evolving threats, I equally call on residents to play their roles by cooperating with security agencies by providing much needed information should the need arise.

8.     As we embark on this journey into the New Year together, I urge all residents of the FCT all to join hands with the Administration in our efforts to build a stronger, more prosperous, and harmonious capital territory

9.    Your support and cooperation, especially in the prompt payment of taxes, and active participation in the overall development of the FCT are invaluable.

10.                  Finally, I wish also to enjoin all residents of the FCT to rally behind and support the Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. This transformative vision is poised to bring about positive change and elevate our nation to new heights.

11.                   President Tinubu’s commitment to good governance, economic prosperity, and social development aligns seamlessly with our collective aspirations for a better Nigeria and a Federal Capital Territory which will be the pride of all of us.

12.                  I once more wish you and your loved ones a joyful, peaceful, and prosperous New Year!





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